Digestive system – digestive disorders

Raphacholin fix, herbatka ziołowa

Raphacholin fix

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For good digestion A herbal tea composed for people wanting to support their digestive system. Read more

Terpichol Plus

Terpichol ® Plus

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Terpichol Plus is a composition of natural terpenes enriched with milk thistle oil and essential Read more

Flax seed

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  Flax seed: supports regular bowel function and proper bowel content passage contributes to the Read more

Raphacholin® C

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Raphacholin C® is a traditional medical product, whose efficiency in the mentioned indications is based Read more

Raphacholin® forte

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Raphacholin® Forte is a drug containing composition of dehydrocholic acid with addition of Spanish radish Read more


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Boldaloin® is produced in the form of round, biconvex tablets, of beige to grey color Read more


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Amarosal® contains extract from herbs containing bitter compounds (white horehound herb, melissa leaf, yarrow herb), Read more


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Cynarex® is a traditionally applied medical product, whose efficiency in case of the mentioned indications Read more

Cholesol ®

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Oral fluid of Cholesol® is used in treatment of indigestion symptoms and as a cholepoietic Read more