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Black Elder

Elder bushes are one of the most common plants in Poland. Who does not know its specific, white flowers of umbrella shape and black, glossy, spherical fruits?

Elder had once been called a “first-aid plant for human”, but the day when its properties were revealed is still unknown. The ancient Greeks, who had been growing elder in garths, utilized it for aesthetic purposes – its branches were transformed into pipes. It has become a drug for the Germans and Gypsies. The Slavs schooled themselves in medical properties of elder from the latter. We should owe to them as this plant is nowadays a common phytotherapeutic agent.

Elder flowers are diuretic, stimulate perspiration regulating centre and seal the blood vessels while increasing their elasticity, which in turn prevents plasma and red cells penetration through capillary walls. Since from the human memory goes, elder flowers have successfully been utilized in all illnesses with fever, as flu, tonsillitis and cold, as increased perspiration reduces fever. Pharmacists of Herbapol Wrocław use elder flowers in manufacturing of antipyretic Pyrosal syrup.