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Globe Artichoke

Calling an artichoke, sometimes referred to cardoon, a herb, although inappropriate, is surely correct. Firstly, it is a perennial of impressive size, secondly – its wild form is now very rare. We have become used to treat it as a garden lore. People of Mediterranean region had cultivated edible artichokes in they garths for many years.

Perhaps it constituted a decoration, as its inflorescence is quite large, up to 12 cm, and has a nice, blue-purple shade.

Medicinal properties of artichoke have been revealed recently. It was found that compound contained in dry artichoke stimulates bile formation and flow, decreases serum fatty acids level, especially triglycerides, and protects a liver parenchyma. Herbapol Wrocław manufactures two preparations of artichoke properties: Cynarex and Raphacholin C.