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(Chamomilla recutita L.)

Chamomile cannot be easily distinguished from other related plants by its yellow heads surrounded by white petals. It is the aroma which allows one to differentiate it from a twin similar scentless mayweed. The scent is so characteristic that chamomile may not be mistaken for any other plant.

This plant has been known and appreciated in European folk medicine since time immemorial. Scandinavians have devoted chamomile to sun god Baladur, probably being right, since nowadays every other natural or synthetic medicine – except from chamomile – induces some side effects, while it can be used without slightest doubts even in children, moreover – providing a whole host of therapeutic actions. Administered internally, chamomile provides relief from inflammation, colic of digestive and urinary tract and menstrual cramps. It is used externally in inflammation of skin, mucous membranes and eyes, burn and bedsore, haemorrhoid, inflammation of the female genitals, both with discharge and itching and in inflammation of mouth and throat.

Herbapol Wrocław utilizes chamomile flowers in production of such medicines as Azulan, Azucalen and Cholesol liquids and Hemorol suppositories.