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Bigsting nettle

Nettle is a plant so popular that its description can be abandoned – a nettle is a nettle is a nettle. It occurs all over the globe, with the exception of the tropics. It has been known and used by human in a variety of ways, including medical purposes, from the time immemorial.

Nettle leaf infusion is a gentle diuretic used in catarrhal and inflammatory conditions of urinary tract and kidney. It provides the body with micronutrients, especially iron, thus nettle is sometimes recommended for pregnant women and blood donors, as well as for patients suffering from periodic deficiencies of this element. Nettle regulates certain metabolism, decreases blood sugar and increases sodium and chloride excretion in urine. Externally, it is used to wash the scalp in cases of dandruff and seborrhea or for vaginal irrigations, as it reduces inflammations and prevents discharges.

As shown, nettle leaves are widely used, simultaneously having no contraindications. They can be added to tea as a prophylactic, because nettle practically does not affect the taste and significantly increases health benefits.