For decades, Herbapol Wrocław SA, except for manufacturing medicinal products based on herbal raw materials, has been specializing also in manufacturing plant extracts and isolates.

In our offer, you can find extracts and plant isolates of high quality dedicated for pharmaceutical, food, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.

Our extracts are manufactured in various forms:

  • liquid, thick and dry extracts,
  • standardized extracts, quantified extracts and extracts according to the client’s requirements,
  • water extracts, water-ethanol extracts and extracts manufactured with organic solvents,
  • natural active substances isolated from plants.


The high quality of extracts is the result of collecting and selecting herbal raw materials according to the Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (GACP). Raw materials used in our production are compliant with all strict requirements specified for plant substances used in pharmaceutical production.

Manufacturing of extracts is conducted on modern processing lines. Each stage of the process undergoes a rigoristic inspection in modern laboratories and according to the procedures specified in detail.

For the majority of extracts manufactured by us, we have appropriate quality documentation in ASMF format which is required for the active substances used in production of medicinal products.

Other extracts have the appropriate quality documentation permitting to use them in the production of dietary supplements, foodstuff and cosmetics.

Our considerable experience, private R&D laboratory and technological park allow us to formulate innovative plant extracts according to the individual client’s needs. We are also ready to cooperate in the scope of contract manufacture services. According to the client’s needs, the extracts can be filtered, thickened or dried.

We manufacture according to Good Manufacture Practice (GMP) standards and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system.

We have GMP certificate for manufacturing active substances for pharmaceutical production.

All the processes related to manufacturing extracts and isolates are conducted in Poland, in the region of Lower Silesia which is rich in herbal traditions and technological know-how.


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