About Us

About Us

“Herbapol Wrocław” S.A. specializes in production of pharmaceuticals based on herbal raw materials. We are the biggest manufacturer of herbal medicines in Poland. For over 75 years we have been introducing to the market modern herbal preparations, combining natural medicine achievements with the most up to date technologies employed in drug production.


Thanks to highly qualified specialists and close cooperation with many scientific institutions and universities, we can guarantee that our products are efficient and safe for organism.

We manufacture drugs for various diseases and complaints. All drugs have obtained permits of the Minister of Health following complex and long lasting procedure of registration. Their very high quality is ensured by collection of raw materials from ecologically clean areas and fulfilling high standards of active substance content. Each stage of production is subject to rigorous control according to the established detailed procedures and conducted by modernly equipped laboratories.

Popularity of our drugs is best attested to by the fact that in case of many pharmacological groups they belong to the most frequently used by patients. Such drugs as Raphacholin C, Venescin, Hemorol, Cardiol C or Radirex are known not only in Poland but also abroad, in Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Belarus as well as in Canada.

High position of our drugs and our company has been additionally confirmed by numerous prizes, such as:

  • Certificate “Good Brand 2020” for the brand Hemorol.
  • Certificate and statuette “Pearl of Reliability” for the ten-time winner of the programme “Reliable Company”, 2019.
  • 1st place and the title of Grand Prix of Pharmacy 2018 for our product: Hemorol, at the Grand Prix of Pharmacy 2018.
  • “Ziołowe Oskary” („Herbal Oscars”) for the syrups of Pyrosal and Echinasal.
  • “Złoty Lek” (“Golden Medicine”) for Aronomag and Uverex.
  • “Drzewko Życia” („Tree of Life”) for the syrup of Echinasal and Baikadent gel during “Bliżej zdrowia, Bliżej Natury” fair.
  • 1st place for the drug “Castagnus” for the best health product for women in 2001 during the III All-Polish Gynecological Conference in Toruń.