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Lemon Balm

Overall habit of lemon balm is quite similar to nettle and even more to deadnettle. Nevertheless, these plants cannot be mistaken for each other, as balm does not grow wild in Poland. Moreover, blossoming balm can be differentiated from these similar plants by a shape of its flowers and nice scent, which is the most differing factor.

Balm has been known as the elixir of life and grown from the beginning of our era. Nowadays scope of its applications narrowed slightly, but the plant is still one of the most common in medicine.

Due to sedative, smooth muscle relaxing and digestive juice excretion stimulating properties, balm is a perfect medicine in many neurotic disorders, such as indigestion associated with nervous tension, hyperactivity with digestive upset in children, hyperthyroidism, depression, anxiety, heart palpitation and pressure headache.

Herbapol Wrocław manufactures the following preparations containing lemon balm: sedatives Nervosol,  Melisal forte and Amarosal, which stimulates activity of the stomach.