Book of herbs

Malpigia granatolistna (acerola)


(Malpighia gabra L.)

Acerola cherry, otherwise called a cherry from Barbados, is a spreading shrub originating from Central America. Its fruit is a small, red drupe with juicy pulp and sour taste. Malpigia was popular among the inhabitants of the Caribbean, who have used it to enhance immunity.

The raw material of Malpigia is the fruit rich in carotenoids (including β-carotene), anthocyanins and polyphenols. It is also characterized by a high content of vitamin C. The composition of the raw material, however, is variable and depends on the ripeness of the fruit, place of acquisition and environmental conditions in which the plant grows.

Acerola fruit extract, standardized for the content of vitamin C, is one of the components of Pyrosal Kid syrup, which supports the body’s immune system.



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