Natural treatment

Strengthen your heart

Improper diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress - they all invisibly destroy your heart. Circulatory system diseases develop for years without any symptoms. And then some day you suddenly feel breathlessness, palpitation and pain.

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The only really effective way to cope with cardiac diseases is prophylaxis: healthy diet, active lifestyle and avoidance of stress. It’s better not to postpone prevention, because when your heart begins to fail, it is too late for prophylaxis.


Stress causes arterial spasms – less blood flows to cardiac muscle and less oxygen with it. This may result even in heart attack.

Herbs for a healthy circulatory system.

  • Hawthorn. Acts spasmolytically with regard to coronary vessels, thus increasing blood flow. Strengthens cardiac muscle and improves its saturation with blood, reduces blood pressure, mildly sedates. It is applied in case of chronic cardiac insufficiency and arrhythmia.
  • Lily of the valley. Increases strength of cardiac contractions, while simultaneously reducing their frequency. Heart begins to work more economically and gets better rest during longer intersystolic pauses. Used, among others, in case of tachycardia and cardiac muscle attenuation.
  • Artichoke. Apart from cholepoietic action used in treatment of indigestion, also influences reduction of cholesterol triglyceride blood levels thus preventing atherosclerosis. Untreated atherosclerosis – which means deposition of lipids inside blood vessels’ walls – leads to blood saturation disorders of important organs such as heart or brain as a result of arterial stenosis. This may cause a sudden heart attack or a stroke. Artichoke not only reduces lipid concentration in blood, but also protects the walls of blood vessels, thus preventing development of atherosclerosis in two ways.


Consult a physician in case of any cardiac complaints. You can apply herbs only after professional diagnosis.

This will help you

Fresh air. Heart is exceptionally sensitive to lack of oxygen. Oxygen deficiency results in problems with pumping of blood. Walk much, if possible in the woods or park and breath deeply.
Movement. More blood reaches heart and gives it more oxygen. Lazybones are doubly prone to cardiac diseases because they are usually overweight; and when body mass excess is 30 per cent greater from the correct one, the risk of cardiac diseases is higher.

Cynarex – tablets
Contains artichoke herb extract. The drug is traditionally applied in case of indigestion and bile secretion problems. As an auxiliary agent in case of hypercholesterolemia to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride plasma level (prophylaxis of atherosclerosis) and traditionally as protective agent in individuals exposed to toxic substances eliminated with bile (carbon disulfide, among others).
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Cardiol C
Contains extracts from lily of the valley, valerian and hawthorn. Slightly increases strength of cardiac contractions, reduces contraction frequency and improves venous circulation. It is recommended in case of easy fatigue. Also as an auxiliary agent during initial phases of cardiac insufficiency, not requiring application of other drugs and without circulatory stasis symptoms as well as in cardiac muscle asthenia in elderly individuals.
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This will harm you

  • Smoking. Nicotine significantly reduces the amount of oxygen reaching your heart and damages cardiac muscle.
  • Fats. They should not exceed 20 per cent of your daily calorie intake. Especially those of animal origin, containing “bad” cholesterol, which promotes deposition of concrements inside arteries and development of atherosclerosis.
  • Hypertension. Forces your heart to work at “highest revolutions” and makes it tired. Consult a physician urgently in case of hypertension.