Natural treatment

Menstruation problems

Too heavy or irregular bleeding, lasting longer than 7 days or shorter than 2 days, constitutes typical symptom of hormonal disorders. You can help yourself using herbal preparations.

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Atypical spotting should not arouse anxiety only when it is scanty, regular and occur in the middle of the cycle – this is a symptom of ovulation. Heavy and irregular menstrual bleeding may have various reasons. In 65% of cases, the reason is incorrect level of main hormones of menstrual cycle: estrogens and progesterone.
Hormonal disorders

  • If there is too much estrogens and too little progesterone in your body, your breasts may be heavy, painful and sensitive to touch; your vaginal discharge may be profuse, you may be prone to fungal infections, erosions and myomas.
  • Irregular cycles of various lengths are the symptom of progesterone deficiency.
  • Lack of balance between these hormones may cause many physical as well as mental problems, known under the name of premenstrual syndrome (mastodynia, irritation, depression, fatigue).


Otherwise known as painful breasts’ edema, appears usually a few days or just before menstruation. The women, whose menstruation symptoms are very serious, complain about mastodynia. Typical symptoms include strong pain and enlargement of breasts.

How to help yourself

  • Reduce meat and animal fat intake a week before menstruation – they intensify your poor condition.
  • Eat three meals a day. Malnutrition may increase excitability and irritability.
  • Take long walks – movement causes secretion of endorphins, neurotransmitters of slightly anesthetic effects.
  • Use vitamin and mineral preparations, since these improve your general condition.

Hormones under control

The preparation of Castagnus contains extract of chaste tree fruit. The herb controls function of pituitary gland, which top-down, through central nervous system controls menstrual cycle. Administration of chaste tree extract results in inhibition of prolactin secretion by pituitary gland, normalizes release of LH and FSH as well as compensates insufficient synthesis of progesterone in corpus luteum. As a result symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, including painful breasts, withdraw. The drug is applied in case of menstrual cycle disorders and premenstrual syndrome.