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Hemorrhoids – you can overcome this problem

The most frequent complaint concerning the last fragment of intestines - rectum - are hemorrhoids, otherwise known as piles. Scientists estimate that every tenth person in Poland suffers from hemorrhoids. And this complaint can be effectively relieved.

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The reason for hemorrhoids could be improper diet (with low fiber content), lack of movement, pregnancy, insufficient fluid intake and holding of defecation. Constipations appear in these cases and increase blood pressure in the final fragment of large intestine. Painful hemorrhoids form with time.
How to avoid problems with hemorrhoids

The first rule is to avoid constipations. One or two days without longer visit in the toilet should not be a cause for problems, however, if we defecate less often than once in two or three days, this means that our health is in danger. If constipation appeared because of bad diet, then getting rid of it should not be very difficult. Diet change is sometimes enough. We should eat more vegetables, fruit and bran instead of potatoes and noodles and substitute white bread with wholegrain one. It is also necessary to practice exercises that move abdominal muscles.

Typical symptoms

The development of hemorrhoids is gradual. Initially only painless bleeding occurs during defecation. This means we are dealing with internal piles. Pain, burning or itching in the rectal area appear when hemorrhoids are big and bulging outside in the form of violet nodules, especially during physical effort. In this case, they are very painful and make sitting difficult. Sometimes they bleed.

How to treat them

In order to inhibit disease development it is necessary to have a diet rich in fiber, properly hydrate your body, take care of regular physical exercise and in case of need, do not hesitate to consult a physician, When the first symptoms appear you can also apply suppositories, for example Hemorol.

Neglected hemorrhoids, causing strong pain and frequent bleeding, constitute indication for surgery. A surgeon can suggest several methods: sclerotherapy, that is injection of a drug causing fibrosis of hemorrhoids, putting on occlusion “ligatures” around the bases of nodules, freezing, and photocoagulation with infrared or classical surgical resection.

Basic tests

Rectal bleeding should always be diagnosed by a physician. Pains may be also caused by other diseases, for example, abscess, papillae or polyps or even colon cancer, especially when they are accompanied by bleeding and mucoid secretion.

A physician may recommend:

  • rectoscopy, which is endoscopic examination of rectum and anus,
  • enema, which is large intestine X-ray with contrast,
  • stool test for occult blood.

They will bring you relief
Hemorol suppositories contain extracts of several herbs, chamomile and horse chestnut, among others. The suppositories reduce pain and inflammatory state and act locally styptically. They are recommended in case of hemorrhoids, chronic proctitis, and damage of venous vessels’ walls as well as cracked mucosa. Warning: the preparation can be applied following medical examination. In case of mild complaints, apply 1 suppository at night, in case of ones that are more serious, 2 or 3 during the day.
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