Book of herbs

Common Thyme

This undershrub, originating from the Mediterranean region, in Poland is cultivated in gardens and sometimes in pots. It comes in countless varieties, primarily as a popular spice.

Thyme, which has been used in medicine for a long time (we can be sure this plant was known in the ancient Egypt), is a potent expectorant, as it enhances movement of cilia of epithelium covering the upper respiratory tract. Thyme is also a smooth muscle relaxant and increases mucus secretion, which facilitates thinning and coughing up thick mucus deposited in throat and bronchi. Besides, it is a strong antibacterial and fungicidal agent. All these features make thyme herb an extraordinarily effective medicine in cases of throat and larynx catarrh, so-called dry cough, expectoration problems and excessive drying of the mucous membranes in upper respiratory tract. Herbapol Wrocław utilizes these advantages of thyme in three preparations  – Thymi and Echinasal syrups and Neoazarina tablets.