Herbal teas

Herbatka BIO Szczęśliwy Brzuszek

‘Happy tummy’ bio-tea

Type: herbal,

The ‘Happy Tummy’ bio-tea is suitable even for 4 weeks old babies. The tea ingredients aid normal functioning of the alimentary system. The cumin (caraway fruit) supports functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. The camomile flower supports digestive comfort and the lemon balm leaf helps normal functioning of the alimentary system.

All the ingredients of the tea are of the Bio-quality confirmed with a certificate and do not include aromas!
The tea contains naturally appearing sugars.


A recommended daily consumption portion:
Divide the brew from 1 teabag (150 ml of water) into 3 parts and serve in portions during a day. The recommended daily consumption portion should not be exceeded.

Storage conditions:
Store in a dry and well ventilated place.


(dried, sliced):

  • bio caraway fruit – 35%
  • bio chamomile flower – 25%
  • bio lemon balm leaf – 25%
  • bio anise fruit – 15%


Put one teabag into a cup, fill in ab. 150 ml of boiling water and cover, let it brew for ab. 5 minutes.

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