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Herbatka BIO Dziarski Maluch

‘Perky baby’ bio-tea

Type: fruit-herbal,

The ‘Perky baby’ bio-tea is suitable for children of 12 months of age already. The used ingredients in the bio-tea are responsible for excellent taste and aroma. In addition they are the alternative to sweetened and aromatized beverages.
The tea is good for every time of a day. This fruit-vegetable brew can be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner to enrich children’s diet.

All the ingredients of the tea are of the Bio-quality confirmed with a certificate and do not include aromas!
The tea contains naturally appearing sugars.

A recommended daily consumption portion:
Drink three times a day 1 cup of the brew.

Storage conditions:
Store in a dry and well ventilated place. The recommended daily consumption portion should not be exceeded.


(dried, sliced):

bio apple fruit – 30%

bio rosehip fruit – 30%

bio black currant fruit – 15%

bio beetroot – 15%

bio Rubus idaeus fruit – 15%


Package includes 20 sachets of  3 g each one.


Put one teabag into a cup, fill in with boiling water and cover, let it brew for ab. 5 minutes.

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