Natural treatment

For menstruation problems

Do you know that there are herbal preparations which may significantly reduce many female complaints related to menstruation? Their regular application will bring you a relief.

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Menstrual cycle disorders are usually caused by incorrect levels of the most important sex hormones – estrogens and progesterone. When their levels are too low or too high, spotting appears, prolonging or shortening of period between regular menstruations which become more profuse and blood clots appear. These symptoms should make you worried and encourage to visit your gynecologist. The doctor will order tests for hormone levels and then select proper medicines.


Otherwise known as premenstrual syndrome. Many women experience premenstrual complaints, such as depression, leg edema, painful breasts, pains in underbelly or changes of mood even a week before the expected menstruation. Their body mass can increase even by 4 kg because of water retention. You can alleviate these symptoms taking Castagnus.

To the rescue of your hormones
The preparation of Castagnus contains extract from chaste tree fruit. The herb controls function of pituitary gland, which controls menstrual cycle and secretion of hormones. Physicians recommend it in case of menstrual cycle disorders, PMS and painful breasts. The drug is available without prescription. Treatment should last 90 days in order to be effective.
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