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Fresh breath

Bleeding gums and bad breath - those complaints trouble every fifth individual. Although not very serious, they can effectively spoil your day. How to cope with them?

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Edema and pain of gums are symptoms of paradontopathies, called „tartar diseases”. They are usually a result of tartar layer deposit on the teeth, which is a great habitat for bacteria.


  • Brush your teeth after every meal, especially a sweet one.
  • Use dental floss and mouth-washing fluids.
  • Massage your gums in the morning and evening with a soft dry toothbrush.

How to have healthy gums

Improper hygiene
Chew sugar free gum after meals. This increases saliva secretion and prevents bacteria development. Wash your mouth with sea salt solution – half tea spoon per half a glass of water – which inhibits inflammatory states.

Gums’ and throat disease
Wash your mouth several times a day with Baikadent mint and then treat with Baikadent gel



A gel recommended for prophylaxis of paradontium diseases, especially superficial and deep paradontopathies, in case of mouth mucosa inflammations and injuries caused by dentition. Its effects are anti-inflammatory and regenerative.
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Baikadent mint

Supplementation of treatment with gel, prophylaxis and everyday mouth hygiene. Available in the following volumes: 100g and 260 g. It does not contain alcohol and colorants. It does not require dilution.
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