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Herbs not only for indigestion

There is not a single individual who has never experienced digestion problems: stomach aches, nausea, flatulence, heartburn, constipations or diarrheas. Usually they are not serious but can make your life difficult. Herbal medicines are the best solution in case of temporary problems.

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Women complain twice as often as men about bile ducts disorders, liver disorders and indigestion. The usual symptoms include pains in right subcostal region, nausea, flatulence and belching. These problems are caused by insufficient production of bile, necessary for our organism to digest fats.

Herbal preparations and teas increasing bile secretion and relaxing bile ducts bring a quick relief, especially mint, St. John’s wort, helichrysum flowers, melissa, salvia and chamomile. You should also take care of the easily digestible diet, with limited amount of fats, especially animal ones, and products irritating alimentary tract, such as hot spices, alcohol, strong coffee and tea.

Raphacholin C
This drug containing Black radish and artichoke is recommended in case of flatulence, stomach aches, belching and nausea. The effect of the drug is choleretic and cholagogic. It protects liver and improves digestion as well as increases intestinal peristalsis.
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Cholesol – fluid
Contains extract from chamomile and St. John’s wort, among others. It is recommended in case of hepato-biliary disorders and digestion disorders. It can be administered to children over 14 years of age.
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Most frequently, they are alimentary tract reaction to some stale food. When you get one:

  • eat fluid foods;
  • drink a glass of tepid, slightly salted water every hour; you can also drink an infusion of bilberry or chamomile;
  • when you feel better, overcooked rice with grated apple is a dish that will put you back on your feet.

Recommended in diarrhea and food poisoning cases. Tannins, constituting its components, demonstrate styptic and bacteriostatic effects. It can be administered to children over four years of age.
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They can cause nausea, headaches or even subfebrile states. They often result from bad diet – lacking in vegetables, fruit and wholegrain bread. Neuroses also can lead to constipations. Make sure that your diet is rich in fiber and pectins. Eat plenty of fruit, especially apples with peel and those with small seeds, such as raspberries, currant, figs and grapes.

Radirex – tablets
Recommended as laxative in case of constipations. It contains rhubarb root extract which accelerates intestinal peristalsis and facilitates defecation. However, the drug should not be applied longer than for 7-10 days or administered to children younger than 12 years of age. The packaging contains 10 tablets.
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