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skin fluid, OTC drug

The medical product of Azucalen® contains fluid extract of chamomile baskets and fluid extract of marigold flowers (1:1). It is traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory agent. Its efficiency is based exclusively on long period of use and experience.

Indications for application
The preparation of Azucalen is traditionally used for rinsing of female genitalia region (labia), in case of mild inflammatory states. Recommended especially for women in post-menopausal period.

How to apply Azucalen

The drug for external use, requires dilution before application. Dilute  table spoon (about 15 ml) of the preparation in 1 liter of boiled water and use for rinsing.

Befor you apply Azucalen

Do not apply Azucalen
In case of allergy to the active substances, that is chamomile flower, marigold flower or other plants of Compositae (Asteraceae) family.

Consult a physician before application.

Breast feeding
Consult a physician before application.

Possible undesired effects

As every drug, Azucalen may cause undesired effects. However, no undesired effects have been reported in case of this medical product. A reaction of hypersensitivity to chamomile or marigold may appear in some individuals during use (for example, contact allergy), characterized by dermatologic lesions such as: rash, hives, dermal pruritus, erythema, edema. In case of these symptoms it is necessary to discontinue application of the drug.

Storage of Azucalen

Store at the temperature not exceeding 25° C.
The drug should be stored out of reach and sight of children.
Do not use Azucalen after expiry date stated on the package.



100ml of the fluid contain:

Active substances:
Fluid extract of chamomile (Chamomillae extractum fluidum) 1:1  – 50ml (extractant – ethanol 70% v/v)
Fluid extract of marigold (Calendulae extractum fluidum) 1:1  – 50ml (extractant – ethanol 70% v/v)

The preparation contains 62% v/v of ethanol on the average.

Unit packaging consists of color glass bottle with polyethylene screw cap, containing 100 g of the preparation.

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