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Baifem K

gel, cosmetics

Baifem K is a gel for everyday care of intimate regions based on the extract of Baikal skullcap. It improves comfort of sexual life in women with incorrect secretion of mucus as well as facilitates use of tampons and temperature measurement. It has pH close to physiological for these regions (pH about 5.0) and, as a result, reduces risk of bacterial and fungal infections. It alleviates inflammatory states. Its consistency is very light; it is absorbed quickly, moistens and makes delicate skin of intimate body parts more flexible. It does not contain artificial aromas or colorants.


The active substances contained by Baikal skullcap demonstrate anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects, soothe and alleviate irritations, abrasions and scratches, thus resulting in regenerative, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal effects of the gel, confirmed by application studies conducted by specialists of dermatology and gynecology.


  •     everyday care of intimate body regions,
  •     irritation during sexual intercourses,
  •     abrasions in obese individuals,
  •     protectively for individuals practicing sports such as cycling or horse riding, etc.,
  •     irritations caused by very tight underwear (strings),
  •     facilitation of tampon application or vaginal temperature measurement.


Application Method

Put a small amount of gel onto intimate body regions, especially places sensitive to abrasions. Apply twice a day. In case of sexual intercourses it is recommended for use by both partners.

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