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Neocardina® is a composition of tinctures from lily of the valley herb, hawthorn inflorescence and valerian root, traditionally used in case of easy fatigue. As a supportive agent during initial stages of cardiac insufficiency (not requiring application of other drugs and without symptoms of circulatory stasis) as well as cardiac muscle asthenia in elderly individuals.

How to apply NEOCARDINA®

Adults: 1 – 2 ml ( 20-40 drops) 2 to 3 times a day.
Children over 12 years of age: 0.5 – 1 ml (10-20 drops) 2 to 3 times a day.
Take after meals with small amount of liquid.

In case of taking higher than recommended dose of NEOCARDINA®
So far, no cases of overdose of the preparation of Neocardina® have been reported. In case of taking of higher than recommended dose, immediately contact a physician or a pharmacist.

Before you apply NEOCARDINA®

Do not apply Neocardina®, if the patient is hypersensitive to the preparation components and in case of potassium deficiency.

Special warnings and recommended precautions
Each dose of the drug (1 ml) contains 0.518 g of ethanol. It is not recommended to apply the drug in patients with liver diseases, epilepsy and alcoholism.
Consult a physician in case of occurrence of edemas caused by cardiac insufficiency.

Application of NEOCARDINA® in children
Do not administer to children younger than 12 years of age.

Pregnancy and breast feeding
It is not recommended to administer the drug to women during pregnancy and breast feeding because of lack of controlled clinical trials in this group of patients.

Driving of vehicles and operation of moving mechanisms
Neocardina® contains about 64 % V/V of ethanol and valerian root tincture. Each dose of the drug (1 ml) contains about 0.518 g of alcohol, which is equivalent to 12.8 ml of beer and 5.3 ml of wine per dose. The drug may cause impairment of psychomotor aptitude, the ability to drive vehicles and operate moving mechanisms as well as increases sleepiness.
It is not recommended for drivers to take the drug directly before journey.

Use of other drugs
So far, no interactions have been found during application of Neocardina® with other drugs. However, it is not recommended to combine the product with other cardiac glycosides.
Inform the doctor about all the recently applied drugs, even those sold over the counter and without prescription.

Possible undesired effects

So far, no undesired effects have been reported while taking the recommended dose. In case of any undesired effects, inform a physician or a pharmacist about them.

Storage of NEOCARDINA®

The drug should be stored at the temperature not exceeding 25°C.
Store out of reach and sight of children.
Do not use the drug after expiry period.



100g of the drops contain:

Active substances:

Convallariae tinctura titrata (1:4.0-4.5)
extractant: ethanol 70% (v/v)                      30.0 g
Crataegi folii cum flore tinctura (1:4.0-4.5)
extractant: ethanol 70% (v/v)                       20.0 g
Valerianae tinctura (1:4.0-4.5)
extractant: ethanol 70% (v/v)                        20.0 g

1 ml (= 0.918 g) of the drops contains 0.28 g standardized lily of the valley tincture (1:4.0-4.5), 0.18 g of hawthorn inflorescence tincture (1:4.0-4.5), 0.18 g valerian tincture (1:4.0-4.5). Extractants: ethanol 70% V/V.

Auxiliary substances:
Rose fruit tincture
Bitter orange pericarp tincture
Ethanol 96% V/V
Purified water

Packaging: bottle à 40 g

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