Book of herbs

Common Valerian

Valerian is a grand perennial, growing up to 2 m, with a top cyme composed of white-pink or light lilac flowers.

It is one of the herbs we inherited from the father of medicine – Hippocrates. Its Latin name Valeriana, greatly similar to the English one, can be translated as “to feel good, to do fine”, which in itself is a great recommendation for this herb. Indeed, valerian improves the well-being primarily due to mitigation of nervous tension states. This herb facilitates falling asleep, it is suspected to has antiepileptic properties and certainly decreases stress-induced rapid heart rate, reduces headache and prevents vasomotor disorders of the skin. It soothes the smooth muscle tone of the gastrointestinal tract, ureters and uterus.

Herbapol Wrocław manufactures the following preparations containing valerian root: Nervosol and Neocardina liquids, as well as Cardiol C and Walerianowe drops.