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What to do to avoid varicose veins

They cause many problems. Even 35% of population complains about varicose veins, whereas early beginning of treatment may prevent disease development!

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The first symptoms include sensation of heaviness of legs, night muscle cramps, pain and edemas. These symptoms appear after a day of standing work, after long journeys and, in case of women, also during the final phase of menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

How to prevent them

  • Avoid long sitting and standing. Take frequent walks, jog or dance. Thanks to physical effort, muscles massage blood vessels helping blood to flow back to heart and preventing venostasis, which is a direct cause of varicose veins.
  • When you sit at home or at work, make simple exercises: twist your feet, bend them up and down, straighten your knees.
  • If possible, lay down every 2-3 hours for a few minutes with slightly raised legs.
  • Control and keep correct body mass.
  • Don’t wear tight socks and knee-socks pressing your calves.

Embarrassing problem

Hemorrhoids are also varicose veins, only of rectum. Every tenth individual in Poland complains about hemorrhoids. Usually they are caused by improper diet with low fiber content, lack of movement and pregnancy. One of the ways to stop disease development is introduction to your everyday diet foods rich in fiber, such as fruit and vegetables. Thanks to them you don’t suffer so often from constipations which are one of the reasons of hemorrhoids. When their symptoms become uncomfortable you can apply suppositories, for example Hemorol, that reduce edema and inflammation symptoms and inhibit bleeding as well.

Horse chestnut

Horse chestnut extracts are contained by the preparations applied for treatment of varicose veins, for example of Venescin. All parts of this plant contain flavonoids and escin. Those substances seal capillary vessels’ walls, reduce their fragility and restore elasticity. They improve peripheral circulation and skin blood supply. This, in turn, improves venous circulation and prevents harmful venostases. They also slightly inhibit blood clotting and prevent development of phlebothrombosis.

Venescin – gel
Venescin gel is applied in initial stages of chronic venous insufficiency (manifested with pains, sensation of heaviness in legs and their edemas as well as calf cramps) and in case of post-traumatic symptoms (edemas, hematomas).
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Venescin – dragée tablets
The drug contains three recognized components of anti-edematous properties and sealing blood vessels: rutoside, escin and eskulin. The preparation is recommended for alleviation of chronic venous insufficiency symptoms – edemas and sensation of heaviness in legs.
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