Natural treatment

When your nerves fail you

We live faster and faster and under still greater and greater stress. No wonder that sometimes we can't control our emotions.

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Prolonged emotional tension influences a whole organism very negatively. Problems with falling asleep appear and cardiac and gastric disorders. It is worth to reach for herbs in such cases because they are effective and, what’s important, do not result in drug dependencies as some chemical medicines. They can be applied even for long periods of time without fear.

Herbs that will bring you peace

  • Valerian. Calms emotions, reduces emotional tension, anxiety and prevents muscular cramps. It is used in case of neural agitation, vegetative neuroses as well as during menopause period. It is also helpful in case of gastric disorders with neural origin.
  • Melissa. Reduces muscular tension caused by stress. Helps in case of agitation, vegetative neurosis, insomnia, cardiac arrhythmia and gastric disorders resulting from stress.
  • Hop. Calms, relaxes, and helps in case of problems with falling asleep. Used in case of fatigue and nervous exhaustion, also in case of neural disorders during menopausal period.
  • Lavender. Relaxes muscles and sedates. Recommended in case of neuroses, agitation and irritation. Dried lavender flowers can also be added to evening bath – this should make falling asleep easier.

Nervosol – fluid
Contains hop, valerian and melissa, among others – the herbs that positively influence nervous system. Recommended in case of periodic problems with falling asleep as well as states of nervous tension and anxiety.
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Melisal Forte- syrup
The syrup contains extracts from melissa, hawthorn and angelica. It is recommended in mild cases of nervous tension. It can be administered to children over 12 years of age.
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